Welcome to the Self Assessment. The tool is a quick and easy way for you to find out if your household might be able to get:

  • KanCare for children
  • KanCare for adults
  • KanCare for pregnant women
  • KanCare for the elderly
  • Kancare for the disabled
  • Help paying Medicare premiums

Your answers to a few short questions will let you know if your household might be eligible for HealthWave or Medicaid. Complete the questions based on your household's conditions now. Estimates are allowed, but they need to be as correct as possible.

After finishing the Assessment, you can review your answers and change them if necessary. The self-assessment can only tell you what your household might be able to qualify for and let you know whether it would be worth your time to apply. If the self-assessment results say you may qualify, it is not a promise that you will get HealthWave or Medicaid. There are lots of other steps that must happen before you actually get HealthWave or Medicaid. You must submit an application for services in order for us to determine if you qualify for HealthWave or Medicaid.